18kt Yellow and White Gold Gemstone and Diamond Celebration Band


Celebrate a special milestone with a custom-designed gemstone and diamond celebration band. Crafted in 18kt yellow gold with natural and untreated precious gemstones. See appraisal for more details.

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Shape: 1 Round Shaped Natural Pink Sapphire 

Measurements: 4.55 x 4.50 x 3.60mm 

Weight: 0.60 ct.  

Tone: Medium 

Intensity:   Strong  

Colour: Strong Purplish Pink 

Cut: Good 


Shape: 2 Round Shaped Natural Rubies 

Measurement: 2.50 x 1.90mm (avg.) 

Weight: 0.20 ct. (total) 

Tone: Dark 

Intensity: Moderately Strong 

Colour: Reddish Purple 

Cut: Good  


Shape: 2 Round Shaped Natural Blue Sapphires 

Measurement: 2.80 x 2.50mm  

Weight: 0.22 ct. (total) 

Tone: Medium Dark 

Intensity: Very Strong 

Colour: Blue 

Cut: Good 


Shape: 1 Round Shaped Natural Emerald 

Measurement: 2.60mm  

Weight: 0.07 ct. (total) 

Tone: Medium 

Intensity: Strong 

Colour: Bluish Green 

Cut: Good 


Shape: 4 Brilliant Cut Natural Diamonds 

Measurement: 2.50 to 1.40mm  

Weight: 0.16 ct. (total) 

Clarity: VS-2 to SI-1 

Colour: G-H 

Cut: Very Good 

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