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GTA AM TOUR Promotional Gift Cards Frequently Asked Questions

This season along with sponsoring a golf tournament, Arax Jewellery also provided promotional gift cards as part of the prizing for the winners of the CH, A, B and C Flights at every event. We handed out over $32,000.00 in gift card prizes in over 30 competitive tournaments with more than 90 winners! We are beyond humbled by the support and appreciation shown by our tour competitors, members and affiliates.
With the roll out of this new promotional program we received a few inquiries on how to use the gift cards. I have listed and answered a few of the most asked questions explaining what the gift cards are eligible for. I invite you all to call, email or visit me anytime should you have any questions.

What if one person won multiple cards in one season, can they be stacked and used all together?

Gift cards cannot be stacked and redeemed all at once unless you use them to purchase any in-store item of twice the value. For example, you have three gift cards you’ve won at $350.00 each totaling $1,050.00 in total value. If you choose an item in our store valued at $2,100.00 retail or more, you can redeem all your cards at once. Paying out of pocket for the difference of $1,050.00. Otherwise each gift card, no matter the denomination, can be used on its own for its full value.

Can I use the gift card for jewellery repairs or to create a custom piece?

Gift cards are to be used only on in-stock finished jewellery. Custom creations are calculated with a higher level of craftsmanship and not all custom pieces are equal and for that reason it excludes custom pieces from this promotion. Repairs are mainly labor and completed by our staff and all repair jobs are calculated based on per piece difficulty and for that reason they are also excluded from this promotion.

Can I use the gift card for online purchases?

Yes, you can. Please call the showroom and someone will give you to proper code for your online purchase.

Is there more choice than what is available on the website?

Much Much Much more, please come visit us to see our full collection. We have a massive inventory of fine jewellery, watches, estate and vintage jewellery.

Can gift cards be used on watches?

Yes, if they are not already on sale. However, we can always negotiate a fair “in-between”.

Can I redeem my gift card for cash?

No cash value with gift cards.

Do the gift cards expire?

It’s highly encouraged for all gift cards to be used within the season they were won. We encourage all winners to use their gift cards before the first event of the coming season. In this case, May of 2024. However, we can always compromise and discuss a solution for anyone who has not used it within that time. As of the start of the 21st season all gift card prizes won in the year of 2024 must be used before the start of the of season 2025 and so on.