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Arax Jewellery FAQ

Will all repairs or custom jewellery design be performed by a certified gemologist/goldsmith?


On duty at all times for custom jewellery design and repair at Arax, you will find:

  • A Graduate Gemologist from GIA Carlsbad California and Accredited Appraisal.
  • A Master Goldsmith and model-maker with 60 years experience (yeprem).
  • A Master Goldsmith/designer/wax carver with over 50 years experience.
  • A model maker/designer specializing in hand fabrication on metal with 20 years experience.

Pound for pound, ours is one the most knowledgeable, complete onsite staffs for custom jewellery and repairs in Toronto.

What makes Arax experts at custom jewellery design and repairs?

Attention to detail, no compromising the integrity of workmanship.

We give you the best possible value for your dollar. Combined total of over 125 years of experience….old world and new world techniques combined to find the best solutions for your custom jewellery design and repair.

What are the Guarantees when you buy jewellery from Arax?

Arax offers a number of guarantees:
  • Free ring sizing
  • Free polishing/refinishing (both 75$ and up services)
  • Free maintenance check ups and while you wait jewellery cleaning
  • Free ring engraving (inside the shake, dates and names only-letters/numbers)
  • Free batteries on watches purchased from us
  • Free appraisal on in-stock items
  • Lifetime warranty on fundamental quality issues (client caused damage is not covered).

Why should I trust Arax Jewellery?

Because thousands of people and their families have trusted us since 1971, and we haven’t let them down. You don’t stay in business in retail jewellery for over 50 years if you can not be trusted.  Our reputation is our most valuable asset: we would never compromise our integrity & reputation for any price. We are a family run business and we search for clients, not sales. 

We believe in honesty, integrity and value. Service, knowledge, quality, are all second to none. Come to the shop to meet our family and you’ll know why to trust us.

With our expert custom designs we also offer the rare experience of in-house Toronto design and craftsmanship. This makes it very easy for you to personally check in on the work that is being done and see the progress with your own eyes.

Plus we offer a Lifetime Warranty with any jewellery you buy from us.

How is my jewellery kept safe when working on my precious piece?

  • We have a Class 5 vault and security systems. Fully insured by Jewellers Block insurance at full Retail.
  • Safety policy procedures in place when items are being worked on or stored for pick up or throughout the evening or closed days.
  • All items are described, photographed, and organized just in case of loss or damage. Carbon copy sign in sheet with full description of items left in our possession.

Also the techniques used to repair, solder, polish, fix etc are completed by Master Goldsmiths with each over 45 Years experience in the trade. The utmost attention to safety and proper bench work techniques are guaranteed.

How long has Arax Jewellery been in business?

Arax is a local GTA family-owned business that has been in operation since 1971.

Why should I be a lifelong client of Arax Jewellery?

Because we are the best!  And at Arax you receive Value…

Value is what you get, price is what you pay. Shop Value.

We are one of the most unbiased, honest, integral jewellery stores in Toronto.  We are in this business because it’s a family tradition of passion and we truly love what we do…we are successful in a store without any jewellery brands because of it.   

This is not a corporately operated store with sales gimmicks and overpriced products. This family tradition takes pride in its work and it shows. 

But there is no need to take our word for it, come to our storefront and answer this question for yourself.

Which jewellery store is the best in Toronto for custom jewellery?

Arax is unique in the incredible quality workmanship for custom pieces designed, crafted, and sold locally. Our custom jewellery is truly remarkable and we do not know of any other local Toronto jewellers that offer the level of fully custom work that we do.

We are a small, and very highly respected, family-owned business that has been trusted in the GTA since 1971.

How often does Arax do custom jewellery design?

Everyday…either making inventory or special requests for clients. 70% of our bridal engagement jewellery designs are uniquely custom created.

Our small, expert team has the combined experience of over 120 years in jewellery. And includes a GIA Carlsbad Graduate Gemologist & Accredited Appraisal; a Master Goldsmith & Model-Maker; a Master Goldsmith, Designer, & Wax Carver; and a hand fabrication on metal specialized Model-Maker & Designer.

How and where is your jewellery made?

Our custom jewellery is made completed on-site at our Yorkville, Toronto location. We are very rare in this, and can offer you the unique experience of seeing the progress of your custom jewellery in-person.

As for how it is made, Jewellery is made in the creation of imagination…usually starting with an idea of what..(ring/pendant/earring/bracelet etc) then a theme… (fancy/contemporary/practical/bridal/celebration/etc).

Next we start with a centerpiece stone and work around the stone. First step after the above mentioned steps is a sketch. Then we create a wax carving (usually by hand, seldom by 3D matrix CAD design). Then we cast the item into the metal we have chosen…(white gold yellow gold pink gold platinum). Once it’s cast, we clean it and get it ready for diamond/gemstone setting, then we polish it and its finished.

Now you get to take it home and see the joy on your loved one’s face when you present them with this exquisite one-of-a-kind gift made just for them.

How is jewellery cast?

Jewellery is cast by making cylinder flutes that are filled with plaster surrounding the wax carving…then placed into an oven where the plaster hardens and the wax is drained out.

Once the wax is drained we pour liquid alloyed gold into the casting pot and with suction and centrifugal force the gold is injected into the empty plaster cylinder where the wax impression was.

The gold takes the form of the hallow impression the wax made. Once that happens the oven cooks it and it hardens. When it’s done you need to crack the plaster away and Voila: The gold version of the wax model has been cast.

Who makes jewellery near me?

If you live in the GTA, Arax Jewellers are your top choice for custom made jewellery. A family owned and operated business since 1971; Arax will craft your fully custom jewellery in-house at our Toronto location.

I don’t know of any other local jewellers who do custom design to the extent that we do. Everything, from inception to completed product, is put together locally. Allowing you to visit in person and see the progress of your piece.

Our small, expert team has over 120 years combined experience. And includes a Master Goldsmith, Designer, & Wax Carver; a Master Goldsmith & Model-Maker; a hand fabrication on metal specialized Model-Maker & Designer, and a GIA Carlsbad Graduate Gemologist & Accredited Appraisal.

Come enjoy a complimentary cappuccino and peruse our showroom at York Mills & Leslie.

How jewellery chains are made?

Almost always by machines, on a manufacturing high volume basis. We don’t do this. However, we do create hand made chains that are assembled. Must be solid gold if it’s going to be handmade and usually link style.

Does Arax do jewellery re-designs?

We specialize in redesigning jewellery and it’s become one of the hottest and most practical trends in our business.

Using valuable components such as gems and diamonds and giving them new life by incorporating them into new designs. It’s very cost efficient and effective and with a new design it’s like owning a new piece of jewellery for a third of the price of buying something new.

Sometimes jewellery is inherited from parents/grandparents, but the designs are out of fashion or not your style… we take apart the jewellery, use the gold for credit towards the new design and together create a beautiful new piece of jewellery. An expertly crafted piece that meets your unique taste.

It’s the smartest and most rewarding thing to do with unwanted/out-of-date jewellery that never gets worn.

Can jewellery be recycled?

Absolutely! We often create new pieces of jewellery by taking apart old rings, necklaces, bracelets etc. and using the components (stones only) to create unique new pieces.

We never use old gold to cast new items but we do offer credit for gold content against the cost of the new item. We can, however, hand fabric and free form small pieces using old gold for sentimental purposes…

For example, a few inherited pieces of jewellery in multiple colors and karats can all be melted, rolled, and turned into a new band. This allows us to use the same gold in a new piece of jewellery.

Through recycling jewellery, the sentimental family heirlooms can be reused, and given new life while the tradition is kept.

If you would like to learn more, please come join us for a tea or coffee at our Toronto showroom. We’ll discuss how we can help you give new life to those jewels that were so precious to loved ones in the past, now gathering dust on the shelf.

You can also call us at (416) 391-2541

Which jewellery store in toronto buys gold?

If you want cash for gold then pawn shops, cash for gold credit unions, and almost all sole proprietorship jewellery stores will buy gold, though not all advertise that they do.

An even better option, if you have gold jewellery that you would like to repurpose, is to redesign a new piece from your old heirloom. This way you can keep the sentimental jewellery that was left to you by loved ones who cherished it. And turn it into something you, your wife, or your daughter would wear during new family milestones, and leave to the next generation 

At Arax, we offer credit for gold off of your new repurposed, redesigned pieces.

Who appraises jewellery near me and are they credible?

I don’t know who appraises jewellery near you, but i do know that only GemScan (downtown) is credible for Toronto Jewellery Appraisals.  There are many independent jewellery appraisals in Toronto, none of which are completely credible.  And any store that appraises their own merchandise can be biased.

How long does it take for a jewellery appraisal?

At our store we only use Gemscan for all our inventory and client’s merchandise.  We have a four day turn around. Next day service is available for a premium.  All items in our possession are insured and protected.

Are jewellery appraisals free?

If you buy your jewellery from us, then yes, often appraisals are free.

All items that are purchased in our store valued over $2500.00 come with a complimentary Gemscan jewellery Appraisal.  All custom orders come with a complimentary Gemscan Appraisal.

For appraisal requests for customer-owned merchandise, the price starts at $75 and up. Prices are based on size of stone, and the value of the item (insurance-liability, number of gemstones, and difficulty).

How often does Arax do jewellery repairs?

All day, every day. Constantly. Approximately 15 satisfied customers every day, all year round.

We are absolutely, positively perfect at fine jewellery repairs! No job is too difficult, we never cut corners and all repairs are done the right way, the first time.

100% success rate!

How long to get my jewellery repaired?

Same or Next Day Service is available on most repairs. With regular service, typically your jewellery will be ready in only 2-3 days.

All repairs are completed fully in-house and come with free follow up service and a quality assurance no questions asked guarantee.  

Medical Alert Bracelets are repaired within same day service ALWAYS.

Does Arax have same-day service for Toronto jewellery repairs and watch battery replacements?

Yes. 99% of all watch batteries are replaced within ten minutes.  

Same day service is guaranteed for all MEDICAL ALERT jewellery.  

Same day service for basic repair jobs, based on our workshops schedule is available, otherwise it’s typically a 2 to 3 day turnaround.

Can jewellery repairs turn colour if not correctly performed?

Yes, stones can also get destroyed from the heat, crack, and shatter. Jewellers who are not experts in platinum may use white gold to solder instead of using platinum because it’s easier.

Gold colour matching can be an issue if the goldsmith is lazy or inexperienced and doesn’t create the right alloy mixture.

I’ve even seen lead being used to solder instead of gold. Know your jeweller!

Will jewellery stores cut off rings?

ur store cuts off rings and it’s free of charge.  We use a special tool that protects the finger and makes a clean cut so it’s easy to solder back together.

We specialize in jewellery repair and redesign. So we’d also be happy to resize, and put that ring back together for you.

Does Arax have same-day service for watch battery replacements?

99% of watch batteries are replaced within 10 minutes on-site.

How to wear jewellery and care for it?

The only jewellery that needs extra care when you wear it is pearls.  Pearls should be the last piece of clothing you put on and the first you take off.  Fragrance, hair spray. make up will all destroy the nacre of pearls in time.

Also some stones that are very soft shouldn’t be worn everyday such as Emerald, Aquamarine, and Tanzanite. They are ranked as a 6 on the mohs scale of hardness and they can crack, break, or chip easily.

Can jewellery be made from 24k gold?

Technically yes, but not here.  24 karat gold jewellery is not advised if you want your jewellery to last. The material is an undesirable colour, but the main issue is that it is far too soft. Pure gold is easily scratched, and takes a great deal of caution to avoid damage.

Even 22 kt is too easy to damage. Since we are in the business of creating high-quality, long-lasting jewellery that is not easily damaged; the highest karat options we offer are 19 kt white gold, and 18 kt yellow gold.

These pieces can last for generations, and come with a Lifetime Warranty.

How does jewellery insurance work?

All households must have insurance through that household policy, jewellery is covered as a possession up to a certain value the same your TV and stereo would be.  

However without a jewellery article floater in your policy you can not be insured for the total amount of high-end pieces.  If you only have 2000 worth of jewellery you don’t need a specific jewellery article floater policy…

However, if you have 40K worth then you most certainly need a separate policy for your high-end items. In which case, you’d need a certified appraisal from a reputable (insurance accepted) document with current value, date, and address, and name to be properly insured.

How to buy a wedding ring?

For a woman, the wedding ring should match her engagement ring.  Same stones, style, and setting techniques. It should complement her engagement ring, especially if its worn on the same finger.

For a man, whatever he or the wife wants. Almost always, the man’s ring has NO stones, and almost always the woman’s ring does have diamonds.

How to buy a diamond engagement ring?

Choose a shape, choose a style (solitaire, cluster, halo, shoulder stones, setting), choose a budget, and FIND A JEWELLER YOU TRUST!

Everything else will fall into place.  Choosing the girl is the hard part, not the ring.  Besides, 99% of the time the woman has told the man exactly what she wants, anyway. 

Why jewellery is a good investment?

When jewellery is made right, it should last for generations. The sentiment, celebration, stories, and legacy can be passed on to your grandchildren, and their grandchildren.

Not only is it a wearable legacy, but also an enjoyable sign of luxury that doesn’t lose its brilliance. Rare stones will only gain value and status over time. Diamonds will shine and look the same for 100s of years.

It is an investment that will retain its value, potentially for centuries. It will not lose value as soon as it is used like a luxury handbag, car, or other accessories.

It is a work of art that can be enjoyed fully in everyday life, because it is not fragile, like a painting. Paintings are delicate, they need special attention, they cannot be worn and shown to the world.

Diamonds don’t need special attention, you can wear a 5 million dollar diamond every day and it will still shine like new. You can be clumsy and hit it or drop it without breaking it.

Good jewellery is one of the longest returns you can get from any investment. Today it will bring joy & status, and show your loved one that you value them deeply. In days to come it will become a valuable legacy to pass on to your children, and grandchildren. And never depreciate.

Why jewellery is a bad investment?

When jewellery has high labour costs, low-quality material, and small stones, the value is lost. In this case no one will ever pay for labour when selling the item. Unless, of course, it happens to belong to a very very famous person.  It’s also a bad investment when its a low budget item…in which case its not an invest at all but a temporary accessory.

We never compromise quality in our craftsmanship. We use only the best materials, and pride ourselves on making exquisite long-lasting jewellery. Our pieces come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Should I buy jewellery online?

You should buy fashion costume jewellery online to accessorize, but we do not sell accessories.

Jewellery is not an accessory: jewellery is a statement.  Its an heirloom, it’s a wearable, sustainable, valuable extension of your history.  An extension of affection, a celebration of a milestone achievement, and a personal loving gesture from the giver to the receiver.  

It is something that stands the greatest test of all; Time.  It is personal, it is thoughtfulness, it is a work of unique art that you can wear and not easily damage. And build a bond with, through a lifetime of enjoyment… until it’s ready to be passed on to the next generation.

In 20-40-80 years from now your legacy and story will continue to be celebrated and talked about at your grandchildren’s children’s milestone celebrations.  You cannot obtain this through discount online shopping. These attributes are NOT available through a click of a button.

And if we’re discussing engagement rings, the importance of knowing what you are buying is especially important. Not only to protect your investment in purchasing the ring, but because of how meaningful and important an engagement ring is.

Most women think about getting engaged since the day they’re old enough to know about marriage. Not only that: remember she will want to show that symbol of your shared love, promise, and commitment to everyone in her life. 

A discount purchase online can easily turn into an embarrassing nightmare for both of you, and end up leaving a very negative impression. It is an important, memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Show her that she is worth more to you than just clicking a button on an impersonal, cheap ring of doubtful quality. Make sure you give the impression of being loving, committed, and a man who is ready to begin a life together with the woman you love.

Which jewellery is the best?

Practical, wearable, safe and tasteful jewellery is the best.  I like low labour, high quality simple & elegant jewellery. The style really depends on your personal tastes.

Certain materials, of course, perform much better than others over time:

Platinum and gold jewellery will never tarnish, while silver turns black over time as it oxidizes.

The purity of gold jewellery is defined in karats out of 24 (with 24 karats being pure gold). However, 24 karat gold jewellery is not advised, it is too soft. Ideally 18 or 19 karats is a perfect balance that allows for better colour, and longer lasting jewellery.

We offer up to 18 karat yellow gold, and 19 karat white gold in our fine locally-crafted jewellery.

Is it common to give jewellery when you have a baby?

Lovingly nicknamed “push gifts”, gifts of congratulations after having a baby are becoming popular again in recent years.  It was something that was very popular in the 80s but had lost momentum in the 90s and early 2000s.

I have seen a spike in the idea of ‘push gifts’, not only for new mothers but as a celebration for new grandparents. A great way to celebrate the addition of a new baby with jewellery is using the birthstone from the month the child was born and incorporating it into a custom piece.

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