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With spring’s arrival, it’s an excellent time to focus on luxury watch maintenance. Just as we freshen up our homes for the new season, your watches also deserve attention to ensure they continue to work beautifully and last for years. Here’s a straightforward guide to keeping your luxury watches in top condition.

Routine Cleaning: Simple Steps for Sparkling Results

Regular cleaning is crucial to preserve the look and function of your luxury watch. Here’s how to keep your watch looking its best:

  • Use a Soft Cloth: A soft, lint-free cloth is ideal for wiping down the watch. This should remove any surface oils, fingerprints, and everyday dust without scratching the surface.
  • Mild Soap Solution: If your watch has been exposed to more significant dirt or sweat, it may require a deeper clean. Use a very mild soap mixed in warm water and apply it gently with a soft brush, such as a toothbrush. Avoid getting soap on the dial or inside the casing.
  • Professional Cleaning: For thorough cleaning and to ensure you do not accidentally damage your watch, consider having it professionally cleaned. A skilled jeweller or watch technician will have the right tools and expertise, especially for watches with intricate mechanisms or waterproofing.

Periodic Servicing: Keeping the Gears Moving

Luxury watches contain complex internal mechanisms that need regular checks. Hence, luxury watch maintenance is necessary to function accurately:

  • Timing for Service: The typical recommendation is to have your luxury watch serviced every 3 to 5 years, but this can vary based on the watch’s make and how often you wear it. Check your owner’s manual or consult with a professional jeweller for specific advice.
  • What Happens During Servicing: A standard service includes disassembling the watch, cleaning all components, replacing any worn parts, oiling the movement, and reassembling. It usually also includes water resistance testing and cosmetic touch-ups if necessary.
  • Choosing a Service Provider: It’s crucial to use an authorized service center or a reputable watch repair specialist for servicing. This ensures that your watch is handled properly and maintains its value, especially for warranty purposes.

Proper Storage: Protecting Your Timepiece

How and where you store your luxury watch can significantly impact its longevity and accuracy:

  • Watch Box or Winder: A watch winder is useful for automatic watches as it keeps the watch in motion when not worn, which is beneficial for the mechanism. Alternatively, a padded watch box will protect your watch from dust and other environmental factors.
  • Avoid Humidity and Direct Sunlight: Store your watch in a place that avoids extremes, such as high humidity, which can lead to corrosion, or direct sunlight, which can fade the dial.
  • Separate Storage: If you own multiple watches, ensure they do not touch each other in storage to avoid scratches. Use separate compartments in a watch box or wrap each watch in a soft cloth.

Luxury Watch Maintenance and Servicing at Arax Jewellery

At Arax Jewellery, we understand the intricacies of high-quality timepieces. As a trusted Toronto jeweller, we offer not just sales but comprehensive care for luxury watches, including expert luxury watch maintenance and repair services. Whether you’re looking to have your watch serviced or seeking advice on the best care practices, our experienced staff are here to help.

Maintaining a luxury watch requires attention and care, but with the right practices, your watch can function flawlessly and remain a vital part of your wardrobe for many springs to come.