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Arax Jewellery Toronto has been designing and manufacturing quality traditional and unique engagement rings in the GTA for over 50 years. Being welcomed to participate in this monumental life event and helping you to make that moment truly special is our absolute privilege and we take pride in the work that we do.

Engagement rings are our specialty – you’ve come to the right place.

One of the advantages of working with us is that we design and assemble all our diamond rings on-site. This provides our customers with exquisite craftsmanship, while also passing on savings on labour and parts, as we don’t outsource or buy from other manufacturers.

Whether you are looking for simple engagement rings ideas or want to work with a jeweller on custom engagement ring design, Arax Jewellery can help you bring your unique ring design to life.

Engagement Ring Designs and Styles

Are you partial to Halo or Solitaire Engagement Rings? What type of cut do you like? Princess Cut, Emerald Cut, Oval, Round Brilliant, Pear-shaped, or even Heart Shaped? Would you like a traditional style, or are you more interested in unique or alternative custom engagement rings? Would you like a platinum ring, 18K white or yellow Gold? A white, pink, blue, or black diamond, perhaps? Or maybe you are looking for the conflict-free guarantee of certified Canadian diamond engagement rings?

At Arax Jewellery we have a tremendous collection of loose stones, all certified, for you to look at. When visiting one of our stores you can shop our signature collection – most of which are one of a kind – for your perfect engagement ring.

We also take pride in offering custom engagement ring design services. One of the most exciting parts of our business is to work with you to design your very own unique, original, custom engagement ring.

Whether you have a clear vision for the ring you would like to design or have pictures of different styles that appeal to you, our team can help you draw out the design for your perfect ring, right before your eyes!

Why should I consider a custom engagement ring?

An engagement ring is meant to be a life-long piece of jewellery. It is often a woman’s favourite piece of jewellery. One that she will never take off and will proudly show to everyone in her life. Engagement rings are rich with memories, love, appreciation and excitement about the wedding day and the prospect of starting a life together.

Custom engagement rings give you the opportunity to make that piece of jewellery even more special, but customizing its features to something that is meaningful to you and your partner. A custom engagement ring can be a part of telling your story as you are making new memories.

At Arax Jewllery, we take pride in designing custom engagement rings that fully capture your style and your story. We want to make sure you are both smiling because you were able to get the unique engagement ring while also ensuring the most value out of your purchase.

What is involved in designing custom engagement rings?

Our custom diamond engagement rings are designed based on your style, then manufactured on-site, allowing you the opportunity to see each step of the journey of your custom engagement ring creation.


When you come into our store, our team will gladly guide you through the key factors to consider when designing your custom engagement ring. This includes deciding on the style, shape and budget.

If you already have a design in mind, we will discuss your options to craft a ring that matches your design. If you have seen a few different ideas, we will help you bring those together in a unique design. We can work with you and your partner to find the perfect match.


After the consultation, our team utilizes top-notch design software to create a rendering of your ring. That rendering is then printed in a 3D model made out of wax so you can visualize the final engagement ring.

By utilizing a 3D rendering software and a wax model, we can ensure all the details of your ring will be exactly what you wanted, avoiding unpleasant surprises in the end. You will have the opportunity to see the 3D rendering and approve it before moving to the next phase.


After the custom engagement ring wax model is rendered, it’s time to cast your ring in the metal you choose and then work on setting the diamond and shoulder stones. This part of the process is extremely important for the quality of your ring and its value. Poor diamond setting can reduce the value of your ring, even if using quality metal.

During the assembling process, our team will carefully assemble all the shoulder stones and finally complete your ring by setting the diamond.

Arax Jewellery 50 years of experience and craftsmanship brings the most value and the most quality to your custom engagement ring assembly. By choosing to work with experienced jewellers, you are ensuring the value, and durability of your engagement ring.


All custom engagement ring stones are GIA certified, the number one company in Canada for jewelry appraisal. By utilizing an impartial third-party appraisal, we ensure that the value of your ring is guaranteed. You will receive an official appraisal certificate that you can use for insurance purposes, for example.

The full process takes 3 weeks from initial design to delivery of your custom engagement ring. Arax Jewellery also offers free lifetime service, which includes sizing, cleaning, checking and polishing of your ring, as well as one updated appraisal within 10 years.

Vintage Engagement Rings and Jewelry Repurposing

Do you have a family ring passed down from your grandmother that you would like restored? Or maybe you inherited different rings and jewellery and would like to use them to create a unique custom engagement ring? We are experts in antique jewellery repair and restoration, and we can have that ring looking immaculate again in no time at all. We can also leverage materials from your existing rings in the design of your new engagement ring or custom jewellery.

Learn more about our jewellery repair and repurposing services.