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Arax Jewellery has been Toronto’s trusted jewellery store for over 50 years. We pride ourselves in our exquisite workmanship and service excellence, provided by our team of designers and artisans, trained as gemologists, certified appraisers, and goldsmiths.

Our family business started when a young apprentice, Eddie, learned the art of fine custom jewellery design and manufacturing. At the age of 21, he immigrated to Toronto and distinguished himself as one of the only goldsmiths with expertise in platinum. In 1971, Eddie and the love of his life, Lucy, decided to found their own retail store. And so Arax Jewellery’s first location opens at the Leonard Hotel in St. Paul Street, St. Catherines.

Five decades later, the tradition of custom jewellery design lives on Eddie and Lucy’s two sons – Sevag and Shant – and its new location at York Mills and Leslie. Sevag graduated from the Gemological Institute of America in 1999 and has had a passion for diamond and gemstone jewellery ever since. Shant has taken after his father and is also a student of the trade. Both brothers work in the store alongside their dad, one focused on repair and custom design and the other on sales and service.

At Arax Jewellery’s 50th anniversary, we celebrate the commitment and dedication of our family to pass this craft and tradition on to next generations and continue serving our clients in Toronto.

For Lucy, with love

For Lucy, with love is charity organization founded on November 18th, 2021 to celebrate the legacy of Arax Jewellery’s co-founder and matriarch Lucy. Lucy was an inspiration. A remarkable woman who was kind and generous and dedicated her life to her family and her community. She fought to survive but lost her life to pancreatic cancer on March 1, 2021.

In her memory, her daughter Arax Copeman designed a unique, custom created collection to raise funds in support of Pancreatic Cancer Canada towards cancer research and patient support. The Lucy’s Willow collection symbolizes a tree of life, with roots and branches that represent the cycle of life.

Lucy's Willow Tree - Red

Our Commitment:

At Arax Jewellery we understand that jewellery is much more than an accessory you buy carelessly. It’s not just about buying an item, but conveying the right message, creating the right memory and helping people feel the meaning of their item.

We are committed to providing you with your very own personalised work of art. One that is designed and handcrafted to fit your vision. We work with you to bring your design to life and make your engagement ring, wedding bands, customized bracelets and necklaces the most special gift.

Our personalized jewellery are made with certified Canadian diamond options mined in a conflict-free zone, 18kt Italian imported jewlery, and a complete untreated and natural gemstone inventory. All of it with lifetime warranty.

Our custom work, expert jewellery repair, and vintage jewellery restoration are done on-site. We take pride in being one of the only jewellery stores in Toronto that can design and create your very own custom piece in-house.

Our services:

Arax Jewellery is proud to offer onsite master goldsmiths and graduate gemologists. We offer same day repairs, lifetime warranty, trade-in and trade up options, onsite complete design and restoration services, and much more.

Whether you are looking for a bracelet or necklace to gift on a special occasion, or you are designing your own engagement ring and wedding band, Arax Jewellery is here to help bring your concept to life.

Arax Jewellery is also proud to offer virtual consultations so our clients can shop from the comfort of their homes. Contact us today to discuss your jewellery designs and how we can help you find the perfect gift.